Young Talents

A greenhouse for the musicians of tomorrow, where interested youths under the age of 19 are offered instrumental tuition and theoretical and ensemble activities.

Young Talents Barratt Due is a leading talent development program in Norway, and can show outstanding international results for many students over a number of years. The program consists of a broad and varied education for the young talents, and is specially designed for preparing the students for subsequent studies within performing music at the highest level. 

Our talent program is aimed at young students who are at a high level musically and under the age of 19 years old, both from Norway and abroad. It is a complete extended program for students in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school. 

Our students get individually teaching, adapted to their needs within the fields of instrumental-, vocal- and theory education. In addition, they participate in a variety of ensemble activities. In Oslo the tuition takes place at the Barratt Due Institute of Music, and in Bergen in collaboration with Bergen Cultural School and the Grieg Academy.

Young Talents also collaborate with Edvard Munch upper secondary school in Oslo, and through this we can offer up to 10 students per year a unique music specialization program at a very high level.


  • Principle instrument (min 30 hours tuition per year)
  • Interpretation classes
  • Chamber music and ensemble projects
  • Symphony orchestra and string or wind ensemble
  • Accompanists
  • Musical theory
  • Concert participation (both as soloist and as a part of an ensemble ororchestra)
  • Projects, seminars and lectures

All members living in Eastern Norway will be offered weekly classes (an average of twice per week) for 30 weeks a year as well as special projects. Pupils from further afield (those living more than 2.5 hours away from Barratt Due) will be offered 15 sessions or more per year. Those from further away can still apply for the 30-week period, but will then be expected to attend in the same manner as those living closer to Barratt Due.

Working with talented young musicians involves far more than developing their technical skill. We recognise that musical understanding and sensitivity, the development of good attitudes and relationships, and good interaction between home and school are important in the formation of well-rounded musicians.

We seek to adapt our tuition to the needs of each musician, because we know that all pupils have their own rate of progress and their own individual background. Optimum development will vary from one individual to the next: some flourish late, others early, and we take this into account. Our goal is to release and liberate individual potential at the right time. That is why we have different courses, and why we are able to tailor our tuition to the stage of the development of each pupil.

Our pupils have ample opportunity to play together in orchestras and chamber ensembles, which is vitally important. In addition to their main teacher, our young talents regularly meet the most prominent performers in their respective instrument for master classes and interpretation lessons.


Deadline for application: December 15th
Audition: February for start-up the following autumn.

Application form: (in Norwgian): Application

Contact Torfinn Hoffart on or Mattias Lundqvist at for more information.