Prize winning teachers and soloists at the Conservatory


Academic studies at the Barratt Due Institute of Music

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Young Talents

A greenhouse for the musicians of tomorrow

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Music School

Beginner and advanced level tuition in voice, piano and violin.

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Music from the start of life

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Lørdag 6. desember kl 16:00 og kl 18:30

Barratt Dues Store Julekonsert i Oslo domkirke

Onsdag 4. juni kl 1730

Sommerkonsert: Ny musikkskoleavdeling pianister

Onsdag 4. juni kl. 2000 i Stuen

Recital: Lone Meinich, fiolin

Torsdag 5. juni kl 1900

Konsert med elever av Kristin Fyrand Mikkelsen

Lørdag 7. juni kl 1530

Konsert med elever av Giulietta Cavallari

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Closing date for applications:

College Department

The 15th of December

Young Talents Department

The 1st of March

Music School Department

Admission all year round

Music Kindergarten

No closing date