Guidelines regarding all activities during the Covid-19 situation

These guidelines apply to everyone whom is participating in any activity at any of Barratt Due’s premises.

Violation of the guidelines will unfortunately lead to loss of access.

It’s mandatory for everyone to read and follow the Infection Control and Prevention Measures (smittevernveileder) before participating in any activity at Barratt Due’s premises (including rehearsing, teaching, working, productions etc.).

The guidelines duration applies from May 11 until further notice is given.

Regulations for attendance at BDM venues

  • Always start by washing your hands immediately after entering any of Barratt Due’s premises.
  • Please register on arrival and departure on the designated form at the reception.
  • All activities must be scheduled in advance. It is prohibited to bring people along with you.
  • You will be designated a room for your activity. You can only use this room, and the bathroom, during your stay.
  • You’ll be given a time slot for your activity. Your access is limited to this time only. Be sure to leave the location on time. If arriving early, you’ll have to wait outside until allowed access by the receptionist.
  • It’s prohibited to enter another person’s rehearsal room.
  • All teaching or chamber rehearsals must be specifically applied for, approved and registered by the Institute (Margrethe Marjavara) in advance.
  • Avoid using unnecessary mingling in the common areas, such as staff rooms, student rooms and the reception area.
  • Do not use anything that’s marked with a Not-in-use sign, or enter an area or room labeled with this sign.

Infection prevention

  • Practice good hand-hygiene. Cough and sneeze in a paper towel, throw it in a rubbish bin and wash your hands with soap immediately after. Alternatively use the crook of your arm. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with lukewarm water. Dry with a paper towel.
  • Stay at home if you are, or feel, ill, or have any signs of respiratory difficulties.
  • Keep distance to other people, at least 1 meter. Be aware of narrow areas, like staircases.
  • Wash your hands before leaving your home, and immediately after arriving at Barratt Due. Wash your hands before and after each break, and before and after eating.
  • Avoid traveling with public transportation if possible.
  • Clean your instrument before and after rehearsal (except pianos and grand pianos). Brass players, please be conscious to empty condensation on to a paper towel. If some gets spilled on the floor, we ask that you sanitize the area.


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